Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Log in or Sign up

Log in or sign up and choose your school group. The signup process requires a valid email address. Novus Choice currently serves:

Please make sure you are on the correct school lottery page when you log in to ensure you will able to apply to the school of your choice.

The Dashboard

Once Logged In, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard, where you can add or edit students or parent/guardian information.

Step 1: Add Student
Step 2: Complete Parent/Guardian Information

For your convenience, initial registration only required your e-mail address and password. Here you can fill out more detailed information so the schools you applying to may have accurate contact information.

Step 3: Set Mailing Address

Here is where you set your mailing address to be used for all mailed correspondence to you pertaining to your child’s application.

Step 4: Apply to Schools

Here you'll see a list of all students you registered in Step 1. Select a student's name to apply them to schools. Please Note: Make sure the Student information is accurate before you start applying. Changing student information after you have applied will not be possible! Under Available Schools, you'll see a list of schools your student is able to apply for, along with a link to the school website and the deadline for submitting applications.

Questions & Technical Support

Any questions regarding application or lottery details should be made to the school your student is applying to.